“Everywhere I look I see women who seem to worship looking a certain way instead of feeling a certain way. They are more focused on the number on the scale or the size of their pants. They focus more on pushing/punishing their bodies instead of marveling at them. But you my dear – you are the lighthouse beacon amidst a sea of ships all clamoring to reach the shore. You bring the message I wish more people in the health and wellness community shared. You remind people to love their bodies. To not be embarrassed. To not hide. You tell people to try something new and marvel at what their bodies are capable of.” -S.G.

Amy Rader, I am human. This has been hard for me to tackle recently as I have had to face what being human really means. I stuffed my mat for almost 6 months, unable to move. Not even child’s pose. Sure I would roll it out with optimism. But then just stare at it and cry. I could not move my body.

How the hell am I supposed to be a Yogi if I can’t even walk onto my mat? I kept teaching. I kept breathing. I hired help. What’s wrong? What’s wrong? What’s WRONG!!!!!! Maybe I’m just human.

For two days now I have been back on my mat. It feels like home again but an entirely new one. Like a smashing new decorator moved in or something and gave me that fireplace and balcony I’ve always wanted. Perspective. 

Thank you for helping me remember I’m human. And sometimes the hardest pose is just getting on the mat. I don’t know you. But I love you. You’ve made it easy to do so.  Thank you.” – from the beautiful Carrah Quigley

“Amy is the best. She has rekindled my love for yoga. Amy is the only yoga teacher I have had that can keep me in a meditative mind with affirmations and intentions the entire class period. Amy’s energy flows and touches everyone in class – I can feel that energy.” –J.T.

“I wake up feeling achy and sluggish – then I attend one of Amy’s yoga sessions and when the class is over, I feel great and ready to face the rest of the day. I have used the breathing methods Amy teachers to lower my blood pressure before seeing the doctor – it works every time!” -A.B.

“I wanted to say again how much I loved your class.  It was a great opportunity to put into action what [I learned] last weekend.”  -A.M.

“I have been a participant in Amy’s yoga class this past year and a half. Yes, I have had previous instructors, and I think Amy is quite superior. I love her running comments. I know of no one who hasn’t benefited from her class.”  -E.D.

“I thoroughly enjoyed taking yoga with Amy. It made my body feel so relaxed, and yet worked all parts of my body. I loved the deep breathing.” -D.K.

From a private lesson yoga teacher: “My classes have been going well – I’ve noticed an uptick in attendance lately! I absolutely feel that I benefited from our session… I’ve been playing with my languaging and adding a new pose here and there, and they all seem to enjoy it. I definitely feel more confidence in sequencing and languaging, all of it. Thank you so much!” -M.K.

Personal Training

I initially decided to pursue personal training to prepare for a half marathon; my goal was to improve overall strength in areas of particular concern to runners. Amy not only crafted a plan to help me achieve my goal of finishing my first race as strongly as possible, but also provided direction on nutrition, race day preparation and in-race scenarios.  Once my race was over, we changed training direction to focus on recovery and preparing for shorter distance runs. She was incredibly insightful and supportive; she listened to my goals and was willing to adapt on a per-session basis.  I truly enjoyed working with her.” – C.M.


“Through my journey to holistic wellness coaching, I have had my eyes opened up to the energies of this world. I have grown up with a really tight knit family who was EXTRA caring and EXTRA sensitive. Sensing others emotions and physically feeling the hurts of others was something that I thought was just normal because others in my family could feel them as well. As I grew older, I found that I was living in a family of empaths, as well as being an empath myself. I soon realized that a lot of the emotions that I had been battling were not only mine, but the emotions and energies of others. Thank goodness I met Amy when I did. She graciously offered me a Reiki session, and I excitedly accepted. I knew Reiki dealt with energy, but had no idea what I was about to experience. As I lay on the table, I could FEEL Amy moving my energy and getting rid of the energy that was stuck. She picked up on many things that I had been dealing with, and I left her feeling lighters and seeing the world brighter. As silly as that sounds, the grass really did look greener. I would recommend a Reiki session to anyone. Not only is it very relaxing, but the free-ness and lightness that you feel afterwards sticks with you for days. Thank you Amy!”  –A.J.

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