Weekly Schedule

www.pond-photography.comI am currently based out of Kansas City, Missouri. Come practice with me!
My current public class schedule:


8:00 am Mindful Strength       Location: Phys Ed KC


12:00 pm Vinyasa       Location: Karma Tribe Yoga  (DONATION BASED class!)


5:30 am Yoga X       Location: City Gym  ($15 drop in for non-members)

8:00 am Yoga for Real People      Location: Phys Ed KC

12:00 pm Hatha       Location: Westport Yoga


12:00 pm Vinyasa       Location: City Gym  ($15 drop in for non-members)

6:00 pm Hatha      Location: Westport Yoga  (75 minute class)


8:30 am Vinyasa Level 2-3      Location:  Yoga Patch

4:30 pm Friday Flow      Location:  Radiant Yoga

Private classes currently offered at the following locations: Stowers Research Institute

All classes are one hour unless otherwise indicated. 

Beginner’s Yoga & Yoga Basics  – yoga for beginners! An active class that focuses on teaching correct form and breathwork.

Gentle Yoga  – yoga for beginners and for when you need a break! Gentle yoga is relaxing, accommodating, and suitable for all levels. Expect lots of postures on the floor, as well as a few standing  postures centered around balance as well. Radiant Gentle Hot is in a heated room (90-95 degrees)

Hatha Yoga – a slower paced, but still active, yoga class that is accessible to all levels. The word “hatha” is actually an umbrella term to describe any physical style of yoga, but when you see it on a schedule, it usually means you can expect slower, more intentional poses than a vinyasa class, but perhaps still linking postures together.

Mindful Strength – the benefits of a strength workout with weights combined with the benefits of mindfulness. Use your breathing and your awareness to get you through the workout, and end with a blissful savasana to rest your muscles.

Vinyasa/Flow/Dynamic Yoga – a faster-paced yoga class that combines breathwork with movement.

Yoga for Real People – no crazy instagram photo shots here. This class focuses on the basics of yoga – deep breathing, basic postures – infused with a little bit of humor, fun, and a feeling of success. The perfect class for anyone who has ever been too intimidated to go to yoga!

Yoga X – get it all done in one class. Start out with 20 minutes of yoga, transition to 20 minutes of strength and cardio moves, work your abs with 10 minutes of core work, and finish out class with 5 minutes of deep stretch and 5 minutes of savasana. A great start to your morning!

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