Professional Bio

Curiosity and the search for something solid is what led Amie Rader to yoga, but only after years of building up the confidence to walk into her first class. Like all great things in Amie’s life, yoga wasn’t instant love, but rather a conscious commitment (and a hefty dose of tenacity) following repeated injuries after many years of running and high intensity exercise.
Amie’s curiosity and willingness to think outside the yoga pose make her a great teacher. She specializes in making those new to yoga feel comfortable, and is great at explaining the “whys” of everything from the breathing to the postures. Although the physical practice is what led Amie to yoga, it was the philosophy that made her stay; she tries to impart a little nugget of yogic wisdom into each and every class, leaving you with something to mentally digest after class.
True to her Gemini sign, Amie is both outgoing and introverted, silly and serious, chatty and quiet. Her fascination with everything has led Amie to a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts and a Master’s degree in Exercise Science, and she has completed two 200 hour level trainings and is currently working towards her 500 level certification. In addition to being a yoga teacher, Amie loves to write and posts weekly at her blog and website,, where she details the struggle of living your yoga in the real world. She is passionate about showing others that perfection and toe touching isn’t needed to be a yoga practitioner, just a willingness to get and stay uncomfortable, which is where true growth happens.
Many wonderful teachers have guided Amie’s path, but she is especially grateful to Sianna Sherman, Max Strom, and Emily Darling for their continued guidance and support.

Education and Accomplishments

  • 500hr RYT, Sianna Sherman – Rasa Yoga, in progress
  • 200hr RYT, Max Strom & Inner Axis, 2016
  • 200hr RYT, Emily Darling & Darling Yoga, 2014
  • Master’s in Kinesiology, Southern Illinois University, 2012
  • Certified Personal Trainer, American College of Sports Medicine, 2012
  • Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts, Illinois State University, 2009
  • Group Exercise Certification, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, 2007
  • Full time yoga teacher since 2015
  • Yoga teacher of asana since 2007
  • Fitness Professional since 2006
  • Artist since 2002
  • Writer since kindergarten
  • Human since birth

Why work with Amie?

Amie Rader has ten years of experience in the fitness world.  Her knowledge is extensive; she holds a Master’s degree in Exercise Science, alongside her 200 hour RYT, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer certification, and AFAA Group Exercise certification.  Amy is constantly continuing her education through various workshops and trainings.  She has worked with clients of all ages and abilities.   Most recently, Amie worked full time coordinating exercise and wellness programs for senior citizens in a retirement home.  Besides a consistent presence leading group classes and individual sessions, Amie consistently seeks out opportunities to spread her knowledge to other fitness professionals.  To date, she has given nine presentations at local and national conferences.

To see her full work history, connect with her on Linked In. 

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