Love Your Body and Food Freedom Challenge


img_145321 Days to a Healthier YOU!

Do you struggle with body image? Do you often find yourself worried about what you’ll eat, or find yourself tethered and attached to your workout routine? Do you feel like you have to “earn” your food with exhausting workouts?

This FREE 21 day challenge is to invite YOU into a healthier relationship to your body. Learn how to navigate the signals your body sends you and respond in a healthy, appropriate way. Find FREEDOM and JOY in life again, and break away from the chains that have tethered you to your diet and exercise routine!

This course is completely FREE and is coming out in February 2017. Get it delivered directly to your inbox by signing up here – and make sure to check the “Love Your Body and Food Freedom Challenge” box!


What’s in the course?

  • Daily videos to help encourage you on your path
  • Three unique yoga classes per week designed to accommodate all levels: hatha, vinyasa, and yin
  • Weekly themes and focus points to help you find connection, joy, and freedom
  • Weekly mantras and meditations to help encourage positive thinking
  • Suggestions for a gradual transition to a life free of tracking points, calories, macros, miles, and weight
  • Daily emails with extra written encouragement ❤
  • A closed facebook group to discuss the assignments with others and ask questions
  • A whole host of others in the program JUST LIKE YOU!

And it’s ALL FREE. Sign up here and click the “Love Your Body and Food Freedom Challenge” box! 

(We will never sell your information or your emails, ’cause that’s super shady and we’re not about that life.)


Amy Rader struggled with body image and disordered eating patterns for over a decade; she ran two marathons and taught thousands of exercise classes, all in the name of achieving “perfection” that doesn’t exist. After having multiple episodes of dehydration sickness while training for her last marathon, she gave up running and committed herself to yoga. Through yoga, she found peace with her body, her food choices, and ultimately found a life of freedom surrounding diet and exercise. She now teaches yoga full time in Kansas City, Missouri, and online.

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