Amie, the human. (On my wedding day. Yes I wore a green dress and it cost $24 and it was every bit as glorious as it sounds.)

Thank you for being curious and landing here. I love to share all sorts of things on my website – I am a yoga teacher, a writer, an artist, and, most importantly, a human. For a long time, I wrestled with how to introduce myself and what “labels” defined me. For fourteen years, that label included “runner.” For five years, that label included “vegetarian.” For three months, that label included “vegan.” (As it turns out, I really like cheese.)

What I’ve decided after nearly thirty years on this planet is this: nothing is permanent, including my personality, my career, and my dietary choices. The only thing that is permanent for me, in this lifetime, is that I will always be a human. That’s it.

The other thing I love about word “human” is that it often denotes imperfection. You might have heard the phrase, “He’s only human,” to reflect that yes, people make mistakes, and that’s an inherent part of our human existence. After over a decade long struggle with eating disorders and a quest for perfection, I have come to identify and embrace my own personal imperfections, my quirks, and my tendency to speak and write in run-on sentences.

Also, I am a yoga teacher, not a guru. I am not someone to be worshipped or looked upon enviously. I am just a human, and it just happens to be my passion and my love to teach, write about, and study yoga. I believe that if someone else – some other human – can find enlightenment, then we can too. I believe we’re all on an individual journey, side by side – and I can teach you my personal experiences, and my personal journey, and make suggestions, but ultimately it is a path we must each travel alone. I believe that experiences make for better learning experiences than textbooks.

I write weekly on this blog, and I send out monthly newsletters with inspiration, schedule changes, and upcoming events. Be sure to get on the list by clicking here and stay in the loop!

Want to know about my professional education, work experience, and why I’m a certifiable badass? Click here for my professional bio. 

Thanks again for stopping by.

Love and Namaste!

Amie Rader


Keith, the human husband.


Kai, the world’s most adorable tiny human.


Tanner, my first dog and almost human. RIP Tan Man. We miss you dearly.


Mookie – our wild puppy who we’re pretty sure was sent to us from Tanner. ❤


Rick James, the world’s friendliest diabetic cat.


Friday, the cat who licks shower curtains.


Girly Kitty, the very religious and stern church lady who also loves smelly shoes and discarded clothing.



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