Self Care During the Holidays

Namaste yogis! I hope this start to November finds you healthy, happy, and all yoga’d up.

We are entering the holiday season, and from here on out to the rest of the year it will be a madhouse for most of us, buying gifts, traveling to see family, and making the most of our time off. Holidays are a wonderful time to get together with others, but they can also be overwhelming.

I’m introverted by nature, which means that I recover and get energy when I am alone. Reading a good book with a glass of wine, a home yoga practice, and a few days spent exclusively in my pajamas are my favorite things to do in my down time, and it gives me the energy I need to teach fifteen yoga classes a week and hold space for others in a nurturing environment.

Holidays don’t really offer those kinds of opportunities. It seems that we’re rushed from activity to activity, and there’s a crapload of guilt thrown into the mix as well. Can’t make it to that family gathering? GUILT. Didn’t get your neighbor a present when she brought you one? GUILT. Have a stepson you only get to see a few times a year? DOUBLE GUILT.

Guilt makes you do funny things, like overbook your schedule, say yes to that extra holiday party when you really don’t want to go, buy too many gifts for people and go way over budget, and completely wipe out your energy.

Does this sound familiar?

This year, go into the holiday season with a plan. Plan out an acceptable budget for gift giving, commit to the absolutely necessary holiday parties, and let everything else go.

I mean, really. Let it all go.

Life will continue if you don’t go to your seventh holiday party of the year. It will continue if you stick to a slimmer budget and buy only the items on your list. It will continue if you choose to hole up inside your house, listen to metal rock instead of holiday tunes, and do some wild head-bangin’ in your pjs.

We are only as good to others as we are to ourselves. If we end up giving gifts beyond our means, we feel resentful. If we commit to too many activities, we feel resentful. Give yourself the gift this year of being able to say NO.

Still have some major anxiety and stress about the holidays? Check out my Breathing and Meditation Techniques for Anxiety workshop at Radiant Yoga on December 2nd. Many of these take only 5-10 minutes and get you more calm, more clear, and more ready to take on the holiday season! Register at


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